Cool things to do in Australia

Australia is the sixth biggest country of the world, and it is the ideal destination for those who enjoy adventure, nature, exquisite gastronomy, wines and culture. Visiting this nation and its vast extensions of inhabited land will make you feel like an old-fashioned explorer.

If you have enough time and money, the best way to make the most of your trip is to travel around Australia accompanied by adventurous escorts in a rental motorhome. Discover what this magical land has to offer you.

Iconic places to enjoy the craziest adventures

Ayers Rock, which is also known as Uluru in aboriginal language, is one of the most emblematic spots in Australia. It has the appearance of a gigantic reddish monolith standing almost in the middle of the country. You and your audacious escorts from SexeModel can visit the caves and streams that are spread surrounding this structure. There you will be able to find ancient paintings with sacred significance.

If you get to see an aerial view of Ayers Rock you will be able to understand how big this structure is. Try to visit this place at twilight so you can appreciate how the sun makes it burn in flames.

If you love nature and impressive landscapes, then you have to visit Twelve Apostles spot. Your experienced escort Paris you took from will tell you that this is the most beautiful place in the country.  There you will find giant rock structures which seem lonely and fragile. However, they endure in front row the onslaught of furious waters of the sea.

The water has eroded the rock that surround these natural formations creating a landscape that captivates every person that decides to go to Australia. You can find these structures in the Port Campbell National Park.

Let your striking and acquainted escort Paris take you to the viewpoint of the catwalks at sundown. In that way both of you can delight on romantic experiences while you enjoy the best tones of these impressive rock formations.

The west coast of Australia is one of the wildest areas in the world. There are only a very few routes in this country that can match the great sensation of direct contact with nature that you experience in this spot.

Your highly attractive escorts will recommend you to begin your adventure in the city of Perth to later head towards the north. After traveling more than 100 kilometers you will observe some curious limestone formations that rise like beings of reddish skin.

Sydney, the best city to have some fun

Sydney is a city that welcomes any visitor with a wide offer of amusing activities. You and your stunning escorts can enjoy some nice summer walks through its sandy beaches and delight on a pleasurable swimming.

Bondi Beach is one of the most visited spots in Sydney. It is visited by people from different countries. Some of them are adventurous travelers like you; some others are expatriates who are in pursuit of new opportunities.

Your enchanting escort Paris will take you to visit the most famous places of this town like Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Opera House, Botanical garden or Chinatown. Enjoy nice walks with her through the streets of this city and inhale a fresh air that will revitalize your mind and body.

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